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Google AdSense — service of contextual advertising from Google. The program automatically places the text and graphic announcements approaching on a context on web sites. The owners of sites placing advertising, receive the income for cliques (transitions of visitors under advertising references) and advertising displays (Google AdSense for a context).

Besides, publishers of web sites by means of AdSense can give to the visitors search Google as on the Internet, and is direct on a site, earning money from announcements Google (Google AdSense for search).

By means of the interactive accounting record the web publisher can look through at any time quantity of inquiries, clicks, a rating click, and also the current incomes of use AdSense.Содержание to [clean]
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The filter of announcements of competitors. There is a possibility to block the announcement of competitors.
Announcement viewing. Announcement studying (manual and machine) under some characteristics.
The filter on contexts. Отфильтровка announcements, improper for some pages.
Choice of own announcements. In case Google automatically cannot pick up the contextual announcement the web publisher has a possibility of own choice of advertisements Google.
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Payment type

Google AdSense transfers money to participants of the program of times in a month, at accumulation of the sum of $100. Depending on the country different methods of payment are accessible: the check, through system of electronic payments (EFT) it is direct into the bank account, Western Union Quick Cash and through Slow motion system.
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Types of announcements
Text and graphic announcements
Honour roll 728 x 90
Banner 468 x 60
Average rectangle 300 x 250
Wide skyscraper 160 x 600
Skyscraper 120 x 600
Only text announcements
The big rectangle 336 x 280
Square 250 x 250
Semibanner 234 x 60
Small rectangle 180 x 150
The button 125 x 125
Vertical banner 120 x 240



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