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New services Google

Company Google, the largest provider of on-line services for private and corporate users, has presented in the beginning of July in Moscow the whole collection of innovations for the Russian users.

First, it is the localised Russia maps for service Google Maps. If prior to the beginning of summer they showed only the systematised pictures of territory of the country now search in addresses of almost all settlements here is accessible. However, pictures of the high permission (to within the house) can be received only for Moscow and St.-Petersburg, to within a quarter - in 24 big cities, pictures of other settlements have rather low quality. The Russian management of search system explains it to that satellite shooting costs much, and to update shots it is possible only in the summer in a fair weather.



The example of a lining of a route with the included mode "to Avoid highway" for minimisation of risk of hit in stoppers

However the route lining on cards works quite regularly. An essence that in Google Maps as in navigating system, it is possible to set control points of the beginning and the way end then the optimal direction of movement on the car (variants of the plan for journey on public transport as it is realised in some European countries will be offered to you, in Russia while are inaccessible). The created route will be shown on an interactive card, and also presented in the form of the list of streets and instructions for the driver with a designation of turns, turns and movements on a straight line - it can be unpacked and used without the computer.

Besides, users can add on cards of a mark and comments, to adhere to any geographical point the video, information layers and to provide to them joint access. The cards edited by the user can be kept and used as hyperlinks on web pages, blogs and in electronic letters.

The following presented service - calculator Google. Besides traditional mathematical calculations this service helps to convert units of measure and monetary units. To take advantage of service, it is necessary to enter simply in a search line expression, which should be calculated then to press Enter or to request result by means of the button "Search in Google". It is impossible to tell that service will use huge popularity, but to save a place occupied on a trip with the engineering calculator, it precisely will help.

The third service created for the first time and while only for the Russian users, is called "Questions and answers". Approximately similar service is at a ("Otvety@Mail.Ru"), but in Google promise to involve in search of answers known "experts" to provide due reliability of the received information. The master of game "That became first"respondent"? Where? When?" Alexander Druz.

Questions are divided on labels, and groups of users - on fields of knowledge. Thus, information search is facilitated, as the user will ask a question to the group directly concerning its interesting area. At typing in an interactive mode references to similar inquiries which have been realised in service "Questions and answers" or in search system Google are offered the user. It is possible to insert Into answers both the multimedia information, and results of inquiries in other "searchers".

One more innovation Google in the Russian market - search of a program code. Each programmer should face sooner or later problems, to be engaged with which independently there is no time, but thus the decision of such questions most likely already exists and has repeatedly been checked up. We will tell, realisation of algorithm of sorting, or not trivial graphic component, or examples of correct use of this or that variable is required. Often programmers do not know neither an exact name of function or a class, nor a context of their application. Moreover, the search purpose can be not only on Web-page, but also in any archive (, etc.) Or in an open repository. For search of such data in October, 2006 Google has let out specialised search engine Code Search who indexes billions lines of an open initial code and allows to carry out search in them by means of regular expressions. Search also can be limited on language, the licence or a name of a file with application of special operators. Now the updated version of this service is presented the Russian users. In it, first, besides archives and repositories separate files with a program code and the fragments of a code meeting in HTML-pages began to be indexed. And when you search, for example, LFractalCanvas or nph-refresh, you with a high probability will find that is necessary. And secondly, thanks to some changes in algorithm of ranging of results of search it is given больший weight to definitions of classes and functions.



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