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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Placing of contextual advertising on the Internet
What is the contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising represents a unique kind "clever" the advertising Internet. It easily gives in to training and possesses good memory: counts displays during the certain time, a certain city of strictly certain audience and remembers that the user requested any time back. Carriers of contextual advertising on the Internet – the main nurseries - are search systems, thematic platforms and resources with the big attendance. What advantages of contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising of the Price
Cost of contextual advertising of a site

The main difference of contextual advertising in Yandex from site promotion in the same search car – payment system. Site advancement is traditionally paid for positions (for a site finding in top-10, top-5 and so on) and is very rare – on cliques. Contextual advertising in Yandex and Google, on the contrary, is estimated in transitions. And this basic error of clients: the longer we "hang", the it is more for it it is necessary to pay. To pay for contextual advertising of a site it is necessary only in the event that on it there will be a demand. If demand is not, – as they say – for viewing of money do not take.

On Yandex for your company our managers will calculate cost of contextual advertising during one working hour.
Effective contextual advertising of the Price more low.

Efficiency of contextual advertising

At contextual advertising and the advertising Internet exists some the basic behavioural models - targeting types. This conformity of advertisements to certain conditions of displays.

So, placing of contextual advertising Google, Yandex and Begun submits conforming to the rules:

- Search targeting
As operates: the user types in a search line any inquiry (for example – «contextual advertising Yandex») and receives from above and on the right a number of advertisements on these subjects.
- Behavioural targeting
As operates: advertisements take places on friendly to search systems resources (as a rule – sites with the big attendance) and display interests of the user for any period. That is if yesterday the user searched «for contextual advertising Yandex» today to it can quite offer it on other resource.
- Thematic targeting
As operates: the announcement corresponds to subjects of looked through page. On a site devoted to contextual advertising, among themselves announcements, with contextual advertising, promotion of sites and a seo-copyright quite can get on.

Search contextual advertising – one of the most effective tools of attraction of target audience in strictly designated time interval:
- Text contextual advertising

Tekstovo-graphic contextual advertising Google and Yandex represents short clickable announcements. It takes places on the right and from above from search delivery, in catalogues and on pages of sites-partners of search systems.

Banner contextual advertising

- Banner contextual advertising
The mechanism of work of contextual advertising:
Contextual advertising in search systems is, as a matter of fact, auction and a pursuit of rates. To be above everything, it is necessary to pay most. On the average, each 10-15 minutes in the market there is a client, ready to put a big price a clique. It is necessary for tracing not to fall too low.
Having paid for contextual advertising, you a guarantee will appear on the first page of search system.

Than the agency on placing of contextual advertising is useful:
- We work with Yandex under the commission contract, that is we pay for an advertising campaign exactly that sum which is listed by the client;
- Taking places through agency, you should not worry concerning the price a clique. It will be operatively traced by our certificated experts;
- We will write the effective advertisement different from competitor;
- We will offer an optimum variant of placing of contextual advertising proceeding from a parity «the price a clique/CTR/forecast of displays».

Where contextual advertising can take places:
- In search system Yandex (Yandex. Direct)


The most popular service because of the general attendance of Yandex.
Site of contextual announcements Yandex. Direct:
On a position: two lines above search delivery.
On a position of the guaranteed displays: to the right of search delivery.
On a position of the first place of the guaranteed displays: the top line on the right.
On a position of not guaranteed displays: under the reference.

- In search system Google (Google. Adwords)


On a position: three lines above search delivery.
On a position of the guaranteed displays: to the right of search delivery.
On a position of not guaranteed displays: under the reference

- In search system Yahoo


On a position: three lines above search delivery.
On a position of the guaranteed displays: to the right of search delivery.
On a position of not guaranteed displays: under the reference.

- On pages of sites-partners of each search system.
Who such partners? These are the sites having big enough attendance for placing on them of contextual advertising and reception of corresponding return. Contextual advertising on sites-partners as follows looks:

About Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising —Kind of placing of Internet advertising in which basis the principle of conformity of the maintenance of the advertising material to a context (maintenance) of Internet page on which the given material takes places lies. Thus on character the advertising material can be the teksto-graphic announcement or an advertising banner. Usually for definition of a context and selection of announcements the cursor of this or that system of contextual advertising (service of contextual advertising) is used.

Thus, contextual advertising operates selectively and is displayed only to those visitors of the Internet page which sphere of interests is coincided/is crossed with subjects of the advertised goods or service, and, hence, are potential clients of the advertiser.

For definition of conformity of the advertising material to Internet site page the principle of keywords is used. Thanks to such principle contextual advertising expresses reciprocity of interests of the advertiser and the consumer using a network the Internet for search of the interesting information on the goods or services.

In other words: Contextual advertising is an effective tool for communication with potential clients which search for the goods or services of the advertiser on the Internet.

Contextual advertising, as a rule, causes big the response of visitors, than other kinds of Internet advertising that is expressed in higher index of efficiency of Internet advertising. The given kind of advertising is possibility for the advertiser to show the advertising message to the most interested segment of the target audience using the Internet. As a rule, contextual announcements take places not only on searchers and catalogues, but also on sites partners of systems of contextual advertising.

Kinds of contextual advertising

At present it is possible to allocate some principal views of contextual advertising:

Search advertising - a kind of contextual advertising at which advertisements are displayed on page of results of search of used search system, and subjects of advertisements as much as possible corresponds to sphere of interest of the user, expressed through search inquiry.

Thematic advertising - a kind of contextual advertising at which the advertising material is displayed on the Internet pages corresponding to subjects of the advertising material under the maintenance. Usually advertising concerns this kind of contextual advertising in partner networks of systems to contextual advertising, for example a contextual network from Google under program AdSense.

At present in a separate kind of contextual advertising it is possible to allocate behavioural advertising — the given kind of contextual advertising is based on behavioural technologies which allow to reveal commercial interest of the visitor of an Internet site or Internet page without a binding to contents of looked through page. Possible spheres of interest of the visitor are defined, proceeding from the previous search inquiries of the visitor, statistics of transitions under references and advertising messages, and as other anonymous and resolved data about a browser of the visitor. Use of the given technology allows to increase efficiency of placing of advertising in thematic networks as frequently on pages of sites entering into the partner (thematic) network, not having accurately expressed subjects - the user will see contextual advertising connected with themes to which he paid recently attention.


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